Buğday Association

Buğday Association for Supporting Ecological Living is a non-profit, non-governmental organization registered under the Turkish law.  The pioneering Buğday (Wheat) ecological movement started in the 1990s with a restaurant/wholesale store offering local and organic food, which also served as a space for like-minded, environmentally conscious people to meet, gather and share their ideas and visions about ecological living.

Buğday movement evolved into an association which was officially founded in 2002, under the name of Buğday Association for Supporting Ecological Living. Today, Buğday Association has more than 1500 members and 2000 volunteers throughout Turkey. It reaches up to 20.000 people through its weekly electronic bulletin. Since those early days up to the present, the pioneering Buğday ecological movement has been tirelessly working to support, create and promote fair and sustainable production-consumption patterns in Turkey and beyond.

Buğday’s mission is to create ecological living conscience and sensitivity in the society both on the individual basis and as a whole; to offer solutions to the problems arising due to the irreversible destruction of the ecological systems and to support living in harmony with nature. The steps which have been taken for the last 20 years in order to realize this mission are:

•    Conservation and sustenance of traditional production processes.

•    Redefinition of human needs in along with the ecosystem circles.

•    The expansion of sustainable agricultural methods which neither harm environment nor human health.

•    Creation of field of activities to inform individuals and increase their capacity so as to make them live in harmony with nature.

The main working areas of Buğday can be summarized as:

Organic Agriculture ( e. g. %100 Ecological Market Places);

Ecological Living ( e. g. Camtepe Ecological Center);

Agro-Biodiversity ( e. g. Seed Network);

Eco-Agro Tourism ( e.g. TaTuTa -Eco-Agro Tourism and Voluntary Exchange);

Urban Agriculture ( e.g. Cumhuriyetköy Community Garden).

Buğday has its headquarters in Istanbul, at a very vibrant district of Beyoglu, and an ecological rural center on the Ida Mountains, which serves as a research and education center to spread the knowledge and experience of ecological living.  This newly opened “Camtepe Rural Center for Ecological Education and Research” runs regularly an educational programme, “School of Life” tackling the different aspects of ecological living. Recently Bugday has also initiated its Brussels-EU representation office to carry out lobbying activities, follow up with the Turkey-EU integration and explore new partnerships.