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Seed bartering network campaign: A step forward for the seeds of the future…

The supporters of the seeds of the future will do ‘a step forward’ during the 35th Istanbul Marathon on the 17th of November, 2013. You could also take a step (or even run many steps!) for the seeds of the future, which are the valuable local seed varieties known and sown for hundreds of years, such as the ‘Kavilca wheat’, the ‘crazy pea’ or the ‘pink tomato’ during the Istanbul Marathon.

The Buğday Association for Supporting Ecological Living in collaboration with the Adım Adım Initiative aims to pass on the local seed varieties inherited from our ancestors to the next generations by implementing the ‘Seed Bartering Network’ project. This project tries to find local seed varieties that are no longer cultivated and share them among different ecological farms to sow them, harvest the new seeds again and as such enlarge the barter network of these valuable local seed varieties. The Buğday Association, since it was founded, implements projects aiming for the conservation of Turkey’s agro-biodiversity and for the (ecological, social and economical) sustainability of rural lifestyles. In 2007 for example, Buğday implemented a project entitled ‘The Seed Network’ aiming to bring together all stakeholders, including government bodies, NGOs, universities etc., to act together for the conservation of the agricultural biodiversity of Turkey. This network is still operational through ‘The secretariat of the Seed Network and Traditional Farming Training’ project implemented by the Emanetciler Association. Through its projects the Buğday Association raises awareness on the importance of conserving local seed varieties in many different aspects.

With the ‘Seed Bartering Network’ project (which started in 2011), the Buğday Association also aims to set up a monitoring system for each seed variety that has been shared by farmers or hobby gardeners to the network from the beginning of the project to be able to conserve these heirloom seeds for the future. Finally, the project aims to set up a seed bartering network that includes all people willing to ecologically cultivate local seed varieties to support their conservation. The ‘Seed Bartering Network’ supporters will gather on the 17th of November in Istanbul for the seeds of the future and for the sustainability of life during the Istanbul Marathon.

Through this campaign Buğday and the Adım Adım Initiative aim to collect 36.000 TL by literally taking a step forward. Donations gathered by the AA Runners will provide the means to cultivate and harvest new seeds of at least 20 local varieties. Donate now for the ‘Kavilca wheat’, the ‘crazy pea’, the ‘pink tomato’ and many other local seed varieties! To donate:

Account Holder Name: Buğday Ekolojik Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği
Bank: Garanti Bankası Karaköy Şubesi
Account#: 400-6294952
IBAN#: TR83 0006 2000 4000 0006 2949 52

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