Adım Adım

ADIM ADIM INITIATIVE… They are those who are business professionals living mainly in Istanbul, but also amateur athletes that exercise regularly on the endurance sports such as running, swimming and biking. Having the key words sports, social responsibility, team spirit and charity, Adim Adim (AA) members are sharing their hobbies with other people in such a way as to create a charity activity. For them, sports is not only for their health or hobby but also a way to support the non-governmental organizations (NGO) by creating awareness in the public regarding sports and charity and enabling individuals and legal entities that are willing to make donations to contact charity organizations through sports activities. AA is the official social responsibility partners of both Istanbul Avrasya and Antalya (Runtalya) marathons 56 new ecological farms were added to the TaTuTa Ecological Farms Network (Eco-Agro Tourism and Voluntary Exchange) of the Buğday Association (Buğday) by using the 55.074,08 TL fund raised during the races in 2010/2011. These funds helped to increase the number of TaTuTa ecological farms, so that the continuity of the rural life has been supported and also the nature friendly farming network has been enriched which is already hosting the local and traditional seeds. The next project driven by Bugday and AA is the Seed Bartering Network, which has been started during the 33rd Intercontinental Eurasia Istanbul Marathon. 18 AA runners raised funds for their run on the 16th of October 2011. The “Seed Bartering Network” project aims to protect the local and traditional seeds and to provide the continuity of the same. During this 1-year long campaign, Bugday will be searching for the local and traditional seeds with the help of farmers doing a nature friendly production having the TaTuTa ones being in the first place, then those seeds will be planted and multiplied in a nature friendly way and at the final stage they will be bartered among ecological farmers/gardeners. On the 4th of March 2012, the AA runners will again be running and raising funds for the Seed Bartering Network during the 7th Intercontinental ÖGER Antalya Marathon.

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